Why: To celebrate the New Roof at Iceinline

What: inaugural 2024 Alexandra Winter Classic. Six games per team over the three days

When: August 9th, 10:00AM – 6:00PM, August 10th, 7:00AM – 7:00PM, August 11th, 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Who: Up to 8 Teams can entry. Numbers could grow over the next few years. Players aged 16 to Senior are eligible for the Tournament. Designed to complement the Senior Non-Checking Hockey year, fun event like the Erehwon Cup. Age group is relaxed to allow for more competition for the U18 player.  Must be a min of 16-year-olds (on the day). Teams can name 15 plus a goalie.


Limited to eight for 2024. 

Registration is $1,400 per team, six games each team that is less that $20.00 per person per game.

Fridays Games are Seeding, Saturday Games are pool and Sunday are Finals

Hope to see you there. 


The Alexandra Winter CLASSIC was designed to commemerate the completion of the New Roof no Walls project at Iceinline. The event will be a new annual event held at Iceinline for the U18 and SNC player.

The format of the three day tournament will be unique. On the Friday, teams will play games designed to seed the teams into one of two pools. On the Saturday the teams will play each member of their pool. And Finals will be on the Sunday.

Cost to enter is $1,500 per team. 

FIHL Rules

All Games will follow most of the IIHF Rules & Regulations (link)

FIHL is “Competitive FUN” and have some of the IIHF Rules apply, but  

  1. Icing: After icing is called, the team who dumped the puck from their side of canter is not allowed to swap or have a line changes. The ref will monitor their actions but coaches need to help under the Fair Play umbrella.
  2. Off Side:
  3. Slap Shots: are allowed, however, please ensure you can control the shot , trying to avoid injusries
  4. Head Shots:
  5. Goal Limits:

Team Captains Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Fair Play: The FIHL Referee are new and learning. Talk Back, yelling or any abuse will not be tolerated. All game will have a senior Flames Member watching and monitoring player behaviour. AND MAY issues warning to teams and players if behaviour is not acceptable. Remember FIHL is COMPEDITIVE FUN and NOT the Stanley Cup.


  1. When the Call is Wrong: when the ref makes a mistake or are unclear of what is happening on ice the best outcome is to blow the whistle, regroup and possible have a faceoff at the nearest face off or canter ice.


FIHL Format of Play

Players and Team need to be on time and ready to play! Ice time is $5.80min. Andw and when FIHL expands to 7+teams.

Period are 15mins Running Clock

Game Points:

  • Ties 1
  • Win 3
  • Loss 0