Highschools 2024

Highschools 2024: Manager Trevor Lawrence <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

The Flames Club works with both Dunstan High, Cromwell College and some player from Wakatipu to organize this annual even.

Teams: Both Teams are B Grade

Dates: Sunday September 1nd to Thursday September 5th 

Travel: The Teams has acquired two vans with trailers. Thanks to the Hector Egger *(20+) Hector Egger New Zealand | Facebook, Anthea Lawrence Design and Central Otago Motor Group

  • Departure:
    • CROMVAN: 2:00PM Sunday Sept 1th from Cromwell College Parking lot / GYM
    • ALEXVAN: 2:30PM Sunday Sept 1stth from Dunstan High School Parking lot / GYM
  • Return times:
    • CROMVAN: 3:00PM (TBC) Thursday Sept 5 Cromwell College Parking lot
    • ALEXVAN: 2:30PM (TBC) Thursday Sept 5 Alexandra High School Parking lot

Accommodation: WAIORA https://www.waiorascoutcamp.org.nz/ there is very little cell phone reception at the Camp, but a Land Line is available for player to call OUT.

Budget: $220 per player all inclusive (after fundraising) for everything, paid into your school accounts.

Helpers: The team has the following official helpers, with several more hands coming down during the week.

    • Cromwell:
      • Trevor Lawrence, Coach and camp helper (Ed and Isla's dad) 7-seater for other driving / job / medical requirements.
      • Steve Phipps, driver CROMVAN and camp helper (Jake Phipps' dad)
    • Alexandra
      • Kerry Moir, driver ALEXVAN and camp helper (Cam Moir's dad)
      • Tineka Hayes (Teacher Help)
      • Kirsten Dixion (Teacher Help)

FOOD: Food will be purchased from the New World using money from the budget. Players don't need to bring anything as we will be cooking all week. Any allergies need to be highlighted to management sooner rather than later. This includes snacks and baking.

-Sunday Mac Cheese, Salad and Garlic Bread

-Monday Lasagna Salad

-Tuesday Burgers Salad

-Wednesday Dominos Pizza 

What to Bring: The camp is amazing, lots of fun outdoors in the forest so bring warm clothes, and footwear. We are going bowling one night. Pillows, sleeping bags and towel are all a must, along with all other personal items needed to survive the week. Games, cards, balls are all welcome. We will have a movie playing each night, so PJ's are a must. Flashlight could be a good idea. ICE HOCKEY GEAR and if you have an award from last year prize given bring it as well to be returned.

Bowling: we are booked into bowling Tuesday evening after hockey 7:15pm-9:00pm. 10 Lanes are booked and other teams will join us. cost included in fee

2024 SISS Ice Hockey Tournament is a an A and B Grade tournament with these 7 teams, each Team plays each other once, then final. Results can be found here: Otago Secondary School Sports Association - SISS Ice Hockey (osssa.org.nz)


Devils    Number
xx xx  19
xx xx  12
Clifford Gallagher  14
Ben MacDonald  21
Jack Phipps  15
xx xx  16
Cam Moir  17
Noah Elliot  18
CJ Harpur  11
Jake Hutchins  20
Travis  Roberts (Goalie) 22


STARS    Number
Isla Lawrence  17
Van MacDonald  88
Micah Ruston  69
Oliver Butler  51
Ethan Phipps  37
Corbin Waugh  81
Max MacDonald  4
Makala Helm  12
Bella Wallace  92
Felix Hildyard  11
Liam Sangster  55
Ben  Dixion  23
Pax Kollar  6
Noah  Reid (Goalie)  0

 Game Schdedual