IceInLine New Roof Project

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ceinline Ice Rink Roof Proposal Iceinline Central Incorporated wants to construct a roof over its ice rink at Molyneux Park in order to maximise rink use and extend its season from 13 weeks to closer to 21 weeks (April-September). The Vincent Community Board (VCB) has been asked to help support this project with a $400,000 grant towards the construction. The roof project is the final stage in a three-stage enhancement of Iceinline Central’s facilities, which included the installation of a new ice making plant and heat exchange unit completed in 2018, and the construction of a separate indoor curling facility, which was opened in 2021.

In 2016 the VCB provided a grant of $650,000 to Iceinline to purchase the new plant to enable the ice rink to transfer excess heat made during the ice making process to the nearby Alexandra Pool. This is being repaid by Vincent ratepayers over a 20-year term. As of 30 June this year $531,150 will remain to be repaid on the original grant.

Iceinline believes roofing the rink, and therefore protecting the rink from rain and sun, will have the following benefits. It will:

• reduce the number of “closed days” the facility has due to weather,

• extend the season for all public users and clubs (skating, curling and ice hockey),

• allow more competitions to be hosted at either local, provincial or national level,

• provide certainty for school programmes an encourage participation from schools located further away,

• encourage visitors to come and use the indoor curling facility while family members are entertained at the ice rink,

• additional activities will bring more people to the facility providing added revenue to Iceinline and the Alexandra community

The Annual Plan Consultation 2023 | Let’s Talk Central Otago ( is not open and closed end Feedback closes 5:00pm Monday, 1 May 2023.