FIHL Rules of Play

FIHL Rules

All Games will follow most of the IIHF Rules & Regulations (link)

New to hockey watch minor penalties video (link)

FIHL is “Competitive FUN” and have some of the IIHF Rules apply, but there are the following unique to FIHL:

  1. Icing: After icing is called, the team who dumped the puck from their side of canter is not allowed to swap or have a line changes. The ref will monitor their actions but coaches need to help under the Fair Play umbrella.
  2. Off Side: remember the entire puck has to enter the offensive zone first, then the second skate of the player can enter the zone. The blue line is tricky watch this video : (link)
  3. Slap Shots: are allowed, however, please ensure you can control the shot, avoid the goalies head at all times, and try not to injure other players. 
  4. Head Shots: Not allowed every, not with the puck, stick or any other part of your body. Everyone playing has to go to work or school or back to their family on Monday... fit and well
  5. Goal Limits: Each player is allowed 2 goals. If you are playing for another team (not your drafted team), you are on a zero goal limit.

Team Captains Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Fair Play: The FIHL Referee are new and learning. Any TALKBACK or yelling or any abuse will not be tolerated. All game will have a senior Flames Member watching and monitoring players behavior.  WARNING may be issued after any game. If a player is not behaving in line with this rule, talk to your FIHL Captain. Remember FIHL is COMPEDITIVE FUN and NOT yet the Stanley Cup 
  2. When the Call is Wrong: Not the wording WHEN as there will be missed calls as refs make mistakes, OR if you as a ref as unclear of what is happening on ice the best outcome is to blow the whistle, regroup and possible have a faceoff at the nearest face off or canter ice. If there is a goal scored as a result of such missed call, ask for the clock to be stopped and review with the captains.
  3. Good Communication: each week your captain will communicate with you, and player need to reply. There is nothing more frustrating then not having 9 player to field a team. Not that if a team is short on player, then that can request additional support to make the 9 player min, this is done on the group chat. The intent of the extra player from other team is to bring someone in who has the same ability as the player who is missing.  


FIHL Format of Play

Players and Team need to be on time and ready to play! Ice time is $5.80min. When FIHL expands to 7+teams and need more ice, the league needs to be organized and efficient.

Period are 15mins Running Clock, and the scorer has been advised to start the clock to ensure that the games are as per scheduel. So don't yell at the ref. or scorer, look to the team and help get everyone organized.

Game Points per game:

  • Ties 1
  • Win 3
  • Loss 0

At the end of the 12 week FIHL Pool Rounds, the top two teams in the league will play a best of three game series for the FIHL "Lawrence" Cup. The importance of fair play and equal competition in the pool games are to ensure that the right culture is created. The captains what string attendance of player for their teams, and therefore bi design, have made the pool play important and meaningful.

The remaining teams will then face off for GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and BEER. This round robin will be published closer to the end of July.